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"You do today, let Me do tomorrow"

“You do today; let Me do tomorrow“ that’s what the Lord keeps telling me during my quiet time. It's not a new command as it was stated in the Good Book more than 2000 years ago. Matthew 6:34 is just one of those,"Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

Several months ago, my heart and soul were in a tizzy created by my own making and the Lord brought the words to mind, "you do today; let Me do tomorrow." It was one of those words from the Lord that you know is a lifeline being thrown to you, and if you just reach out and grab hold of the truth, and REALLY believe it, then real change will begin to happen in your heart.

And I wish my own stubborn heart could just easily obey. To grab on and not let go.

Because when I do, it’s like falling back into a bed full of fluffy white pillows. Here is where I feel completely safe. Secure. Protected. Comfortable. At rest. I can literally picture the image and feel the incredible blessing of the place.

But it’s the moment that I come out of that pillow bed that keeps me in chains.

It’s the times that I wonder and I plan and I think and I try to figure out the tomorrows that the Lord wants "to-do".

The times I try to control.

The times that I try to understand my own ways.

The times that I try to fix, manipulate, and bargain.

And it’s not just like I stand up out of that fluffy nice bed.

It’s like I’m thrown out; ejected with a the spring.

Outside of that nice pillow bed consist nothing but worry.




Why is it that our souls seek rest constantly, yet our minds fight so hard to make sense of the world around us? Or maybe it's the opposite, but either way, there is certainly a war inside of each one of us wrestling; yet all we crave is peace.

It’s in the fight that I start to question.

Not question His goodness because He has clearly shown me the Way! Obedience that is found in the trusting.

It’s those times that I question the tomorrows; and while there is no harm to being curious, it can become a dangerous place for my soul when my desire becomes wanting to control.

In that space, I am being disobedient, because He has told me and told me to JUST DO TODAY! I know what to do today! I have everything that I need to be successful in doing today!

And He has everything He needs for our tomorrows, and the next days, and the next.

My only job is to trust! Your job is to trust.

Hold tight to that my soul, He is the only ONE trustworthy!

And when my mind starts to fight against my soul that is yearning from rest, and the war inside me begins, I will REMIND myself again and again to just rest in HIM, trust in Him. I will

repeat this over and over until my mind slows down enough to let my soul be refreshed by the only One worthy.

I wonder what your soul needs today?


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