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Just Asking...

“What’s the Lord been teaching you lately?” has become a common question amongst me and my people. It’s not a dreaded question and never intended to put you on the spot. Instead, it comes from a genuine heart of curiosity of what the God of the universe is teaching one of His children. From the answer to this question, I have been encouraged, challenged, blessed, convicted, and sharpened. By answering this question, I have been given an opportunity to process all the happenings in my heart. I wonder if you have people in your life who regularly ask you this question and vise-versa. If not, maybe you can be the first to be vulnerable enough to share what God is teaching you. And the most amazing thing is that it is often times a very similar thing to what He is teaching others. Community is amazing.

God is teaching me so many things these days. Most days it feels like a falling pyramid of dominos. I realized that I was stressed and way too busy by the way I was becoming impatient and lacking joy, so that began the Lord reminding me the command to Sabbath.

The teaching of how to Sabbath has drawn me deeper into being still. Being still is teaching me how to notice the moments. Noticing the moments has brought me tremendous joy. Feeling joy has reconnected me with feeling other feelings. Feeling hard feelings brings me to places of rest. And resting has brought me to the place of obedience. The place of obedience means that I “do today” and let God “worry about tomorrow”. That is my Sabbath heart. My restful and peaceful place that the Lord is drawing me into.

If I have learned anything, it is that God truly does want to communicate with His children. He is always working, even when we don’t feel it or see it. When life feels hard, God is there. When life feels peaceful, God is there. And in all the places, He is desiring to teach, sanctify, and change all of us into looking more like Him.

What is the Lord teaching you these days?


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