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How does one capture moments?

(This was written by my lovely daughter, Abigail)

I wanted to write a little forward to my poem.

See I wrote this on October 15, 2021 at 12:44 AM and don't really remember doing it. Indeed, I had completely forgotten about it until I was perusing through my old files and came across this. I am a little proud of it and showed Mom, to which she said she wanted to post it on her blog.

So, here it is... interpret it as you will...

How does one capture moments?

Reach out and grasp the intangible movement of time?

Remember the sights



The light reflecting

The sun shining

Or the number of stars

The exact expression on a face

Or the pitch of a laugh

You can’t grasp moments

They slip through your fingers like sand.

Always moving

Always changing with time

How do you take those moments and grasp them in your fingers?

Hold them tight to your chest and refuse to let time dimmish their glory?

How to save them from being tarnished by the passage and nature of time?

How to hold onto the feelings

How to remember a moment?

Time is not a friend to anyone.

It takes and rips away our most precious things.

Time destroys our memories

Even ourselves.

Time is not a friend

It is an enemy.

It has claws that rip away what we hold precious

How to stop time in its tracks?

How to spit on the irony of it?

The sky darkens

The sun comes up

Stars look down

Clouds scurry along

Waves crash

Grass grows

Seasons change

The earth spins

The universe turns

Galaxies form

Yet we still grasp that one memory.

That one smile

One laugh

One movement

One word.

We don’t matter compared to the vast unawareness of the universe.

One person eats away at one thing

Disappointed to learn that the world forgets.

The universe doesn’t care.

Time is not a friend

It makes you forget.


Sometimes it is better to forget

We will never know the stings of the past that time has wiped away for us.

Maybe time can be gentle

Maybe sometimes it relents its claws and soothes our minds from some harshness

Maybe it can be a friend

But we will never know

Because we will forget.


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