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Dear Abby,

The time is coming

To let you fly

Yet this Momma's heart

Keeps asking why

Why and how and when and where

The years flew by, and now I am grasping air

I question myself with every thought

Did I do enough, all that I ought?

Did I pray enough for your future?

All those nights over your bed?

Did I tell you enough how beautiful you are

Before the world tries to get in your head?

Did I hold your hand when you were afraid?

Or point you to scripture every night and day?

Did I whisper the truths loud enough

So that they will stick when times get tough?

Did I see your hurts, your fears, your joys?

Cry enough with you, sing, rejoice?

Did I walk with you when you were sad?

Did I promise that the world is not too bad?

Did I paint your nails? Did I braid your hair?

Did I show you how much I really do care?

Because 18 years went by too fast

My heart just wants all the moments to last!

And the answer to them all is that I did enough

Because the woman you are is strong and tough

And tender and beautiful and full of life,

So I must have got a thing or two right.

To bottle up the moments and hold them in my heart

Is what I will do as you enter your new part

And stand here waiting for you to come home,

Or a call, or a text just to tell me you're not alone

Someone once asked me does the sorrow overshadow the joy

And after a thought and a sigh, my response was sure!

The joy of watching you grow up and go

Is a blessing beyond my wildest hope

The Lord gave me you for a little while

And now the world gets to experience your magical smile

So I will sit over here with a twinkle in my eye

And a heart full of pride as I watch you fly.

Love, Momma


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