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A House With Doors

Written by: Abby Hepner

I have a house.

My house has many doors.

Some doors are big and lead to cozy warm rooms. Others are dark locked sad doors.

My house is lonely.

I don’t like guests.

Until one day a Friend came.

I wouldn’t let Him inside the first time He came.

I don’t like guests.

But, He kept coming.

Every day He would stand outside my door and knock.

Every day I would ignore Him.

One day I couldn’t ignore Him any longer.

I let in my new Friend.

I don’t like guests, but I liked this One.

When He came in, my whole house seemed brighter.

I was happy.

I wasn’t lonely.

Me and my Friend got to know each other.

We talked, and I showed Him things.

I showed Him the best of my rooms.

I showed Him the big open cozy rooms. I showed Him my most beautiful rooms.

My Friend loved my big open cozy rooms and my beautiful rooms, but He wanted to see my dark locked sad rooms.

I don’t like my dark locked sad rooms.

I like to pretend they don’t exist.

When my Friend wanted to see those dark locked sad rooms I would stand in front of the door and cry.

My Friend would never force His way.

He comforted me.

He would scoop me up in His arms and say, “I love you, my Child.”

One time I went to a door. I liked this door.

“My Child, don’t go in there”

My Friend didn’t want me to have fun.

I went in.

I locked my Friend outside.

I thought it was a good time, but

I was very lonely.

I went to the door.

I had lost the key.

I wanted my Friend.

I was very lonely.

I wanted Him to scoop me up and whisper, “I love you, my Child”

Why had I left my Friend?

Now my Friend was gone.

I was so lonely.

I cried.

I wanted the key so bad.

“My Friend” I called.

The door opened.

My Friend picked me up and cradled me in His arms, “I love you, my Child. I will never leave you.”

“I left you, my Friend.

Why do you want me?”

“My Child, I love you.”

I closed the door.

I wouldn’t come back.

My Friend knew that one day I would.

He still loved me.

He would wait that time too.

“My Child, I love you.”

I led Him to the small locked sad door.

I didn’t know what was inside.

I was scared to find out.

“My Child, I love every part of you.”

I took out the key.

I unlocked the door.

I let my Friend inside my small locked sad door.

My small locked sad door was filled with His light.

Suddenly it wasn’t so small, or locked, or sad.

Suddenly it was big, and free, and happy.

“I love you, my Friend.”

“I love you, my Child”

Me and my Friend opened many doors.

One door I avoided.

It was very full and messy.

I stuffed things I didn’t want in that room.

One day my Friend wanted me to open my full and messy room.

I didn’t have time.

Another day my Friend asked me again.

I didn’t have time.

One day I walked by.

I didn’t have time.

One day my full and messy room became too full and messy.

It burst open, and all the things I didn’t want covered me.

They drowned me.

“My Friend” I called

My Friend scooped me up and said, “I love you, my Child. Let me help.”

Me and my Friend cleaned that room.

Suddenly it wasn’t so full and messy.

Suddenly it was empty and clean.

One day my Friend asked me to let in more people.

I don’t like guests.

“My Child, I love you. They will love you too.”

I don’t like guests.

One day I met a guest.

My guest let me inside their house.

They had locked doors and opened doors too.

I let them inside my house.

I let them help me and my Friend open some locked doors too.

They made my house brighter too.

I like guests now.

One day my Friend scooped me up, “I love you, my Child. It’s time to go to my home.”

I cried.

“I haven’t opened all the doors”

“I already know what is in them,

and I love you, my Child.

I want to take you to a perfect home.

There are no locked doors in my home.”

“I will miss my guests.”

“They will come one day too,

because I love them too,

they are my Children too.”

I looked back at my house.

My house has many doors.

Some doors are big and lead to cozy warm rooms. Others are dark locked sad doors.

I looked up at my Friend's house.

I smiled.

I cried no more.

I was never lonely again.

“I love you, my Friend”

“I love you, my Child”


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