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25 Reasons Why I am Blessed you are their Father...

Today is Father's Day...and that is a reason to celebrate.

The title of "father" is's's life altering.

There is this earthly chance to display to the world the connection between God and His children. Being a Father holds so much weight in the lives of children, which later grow up to be adults. Our culture has even phrased the words "Daddy issues" when certain behaviors arise.

The impact that a human being has to make on a little human for the first few foundational years of their life is enormous.

There is a chance to build up a child to be strong, confident, productive, and kind. The opportunity presents itself to model behavior, establish lifelong habits, and instill moral values that will never exist again in the makeup of a human soul.

I don't think that I can emphasize enough the weight that this title holds. There is no other relationship like a Father and a child. It is sacred.

Almost 40 years ago, the Lord saw fit to create the "Mac-Daddy" of all Fathers! And then, He blessed me enough to have a front row seat to watch him love and parent seven amazing children.

Here are 25 reasons why I am Blessed you are their Father:

  1. You love Jesus. If there were nothing else on this list, that would be enough. You love Jesus, and in turn, we are able to feel His love through you.

  2. You love the kids. You love the kids, and they know it! You are hard on them, but they never doubt your love for them. Your love is fierce and unconditional and constant. It grounds them.

  3. You love me (your wife). Your example to them of how to love another will go with them all their lives. That is a gift to all of us.

  4. You are honest. Your word is your word and they can trust it.

  5. You are hard working. You don't take shortcuts and you have taught them, "if you are going to do something, you should so it right".

  6. You care about people. You love audaciously. You love hard people. You love people who society says are less. You see everyone the same...just as God created them...and you celebrate each one.

  7. You are generous. You are generous with your time, talents, and finances. You have taught them that we are all here to spend our one life serving God.

  8. You are the best storyteller. The kids love to hear you tell are by far their favorite storyteller.

  9. You are strong. Not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. You are truly the strongest man I know...and they are so much like you. I am so thankful for this. The world is mean, but they each grew up with an example of Godly strength and character.

  10. You are fun! You view life like an adventure...and you have taught our children to do the same.

  11. You dream big dreams for yourself and others. You have taught the kids to never settle, always try harder, and to never quit.

  12. You love your job. You love people well, serve the Lord with excellence, and "leave it all on the field" everyday.

  13. You live out of the box. You have taught them not to be normal. That is a gift.

  14. You care more about what God thinks about you than what people think of you. Coming from a people pleaser, this is a trait to admire and be celebrated. I am so thankful they have your example.

  15. You are reliable. Your yes is your yes, and your no is your no.

  16. You are wise. You spend time with Jesus each day. You know His ways and you live by them.

  17. You are quick to forgive. You have taught them, by example, that offering forgiveness is not only necessary, but it is also life-giving.

  18. You live within your means. You have been blessed with a mind to plan ahead, be generous, and live frugal. These lessons will serve them well in life.

  19. You see the best in people. There is this unbelievable ability about you to see others how God created them to be...and a confidence to encourage them to live their best lives.

  20. You push others to be better. Sometimes others are eager to hear, sometimes they are not...but that never stops you from speaking what you know to be true. You speak life into people and encourage them to make improvements for their own good.

  21. You are confident. Not cocky, but confident because you know that in your weaknesses, God is made strong.

  22. You are teachable. As you know, this is my favorite quality. You have committed to be a lifelong learner and that is commendable.

  23. You have taught them to be competitive...and to lose with grace. Thank you for taking up the slack in this area. They have developed this trait from seeing your example...and I am grateful.

  24. You hold the kids responsible for their actions. I like to give them an easy way out and you encourage trials. You know the truth that the trials strengthen their faith, their character, and will serve them well.

  25. You are unashamed of the Gospel. You are a walking example of obedience to the Great Commission. What a gift for them to see on a daily basis.

These 25 reasons are just a shadow of the spiritual giant they have the privilege of calling "Daddy".

Happy Father's Day!


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