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The Lasts

Time is going by so quickly...

I watched this sweet commercial last night made by Hallmark.  Maybe you've seen it.  It is about a mother and her children and the unfair quick passing of time through the precious years of child rearing.  It begins with a mother comforting a crying baby and asking her toddler daughter not to eat off the floor; then reminds you that there will be a day that you will carry him on your hip for the last time.  Then is a scene of her giving her daughter a bath and making "bubble beards"...then it speaks the unfair truth that one day you will make your last "bubble beard".  Moments.  They pass so quickly. Each one a gift, yet just a vapor that is gone as soon as it begins.  Psalm 144:4 says, "man is like a breath; his days are like a passing shadow."  It's amazing how much quicker it begins to pass the older I get.  Everyone told me.  I knew they were right.  However, I did not realize how very quickly until I experienced it myself...oh, self, what a slow learner you are!

Our sentimental mommy hearts can talk all day about the days of the past.

When you were pregnant; your birth story; the toddler days; elementary school drama; middle school awkwardness; high school hardships...any season of the past.  Even if it was HARD, when it comes to our kids, we can talk about those moments with a heart full of love and pride. But what about in the thick of it?  How are we doing with those late night feedings? That fussy baby?  Those pre-schoolers messes?  How well are we cheering on that child in elementary school who needs to be seen?  Are we listening well enough to those middle schoolers?  Are we making ourselves available to those high school children who decide they are ready to talk when we are ready to get to bed?  It matters dear moms.  What you are doing today matters.  It may seem insignificant and unappreciated, but it is not. So in those moments when the exhaustion and frustration begins to creep in, think about those lasts. Is this the last time you will wipe down the high chair?  Is this the last time they will ask you to tickle their back?  Is this the last bedtime picture book you will read to them?  Is this the last time you will be the one who drives them to practice?  Is this the last time?  And live each moment as if it were the last.  And while I doubt it will help with the heartache when they do leave home, I am certain it will leave a legacy of love and grow children who will change the world. Thanks, Hallmark!


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